Monday, June 15, 2009

Hundreds of Iranians in Italy demonstrated against presidential election result

Hundreds of Iranians in Italy demonstrated against presidential election result

Hundreds of Iranians including boy and girl students, businessmen and refugees in Milan Italy, demonstrated on Monday June 15th protesting against the unexpected result of the recent presidential election in their country.

Getting in Piazza del Duomo the main city square of Milan, the demonstrators carrying banners and placards rejecting the elections result for mass fraud in counting of votes by the current president team, they have expressed their unity and sympathy with the protestors within Iran.

The boys and girls among the protestors were carrying placards with mottos such as; “Where are our votes?!!” “Where are our rights?” “No to Ahmadinejad!” and “Go Ahmadinajad!” “Musavi is the real president!”

Among the protestors some people were carrying the photo of Mir Hussain Musavi saying that he is the real president of the country if there will be transparency and justice in vote counting.

In their speech the speakers among the protestors, stated that Iranians or the ancient Persia is one of the world known civilizations in the history but today unfortunately the nation is under dictatorship of the a small group of fundamentalists who have blackmailed the dignity and the history of the country and has taken it towards international isolation.

They all emphasized on the change of the fake result of the recent election, whether by the recounting of the votes by a neutral committee or by conduction of another election but a free and fare one.

At the end they said, they would continue their protest by any possible means until practical actions are taken by the leadership of the country regarding the mass fraud in the current election. They encouraged the rival candidates of Ahmadinejat to continue for their protests, because the whole nation is with them.

It is to say that, following the protests in other European cities like London, Vienna and Berlin the Iranians in Milan conducted this demonstration.

Report and photos by Amin Wahidi
Milan Italy

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