Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo reportage of the protest in Milan Italy against fierce Kochi Taliban attacks on Behsood, Nahur and Daimirdad districts of Afghanistan

Report posted by M. Amin Wahidi
Photos by: A. Basir Ahang, Jamshed Kasmaie, M. R Karimi, A.H Danish

Tens of Afghans, including Hazaras and non Hazaras together with Italian citizens, members of anti racism organizations and Italian students got together in a peaceful demonstration on Sunday June 6th at Duca D’Aosta Square, near central station of Milan in Italy to condemn the fierce Taliban nomadic attacks on Hazara villagers of Behsood, Daimirdad and Nahur.

Condemning the genocide of the Hazaras in Afghanistan, the protestors expressed their solidarity and communion with the victims of recent Nomadic Taliban attacks on Behsood, Nahur and Daimirdad districts.

The demonstrators got together at h.15:00 on local time and finished their gathering peacefully at 18:00 by reading a final statement containing 11 articles through which they asked the Italian government to take for consideration not to support a government that applies genocide on its citizens.

Emphasizing on peace and brotherhood among the ethnics of Afghanistan, the protestors explicated that the purpose of the gathering was not to insult any ethnic of Afghanistan; The Pashtoons, Hazaras, Tajiks and Uzbeks, Hindus and all other citizens of Afghanistan are brothers, but they had to condemn the cruel action of the Kochi nomad Taliban who took the lives of many innocents.

The protesters also condemned the peace dialogue game show conducted by president Karzai these days in Kabul to bring the Taliban back on power.

Most of protesters believed that the Taliban’s return on power would question the reason of beginning of Anti terror war, presence of the International Community, ISAF and NATO in Afghanistan and it flaws democracy and peace process gifted to Afghanistan.

Among the protesters, said one; “if the Taliban are to be back on power, we will have to turn back as much as of two centuries time.”

Speeches were given in three languages; Dari (Afghan Persian), Italian and English by three different speakers and the poets presented their poems for the victims of Behsood.

While among the screams of the crowed it was heard;

“No more violence!”

“No more terror!”

No more war!

“Stop killing innocents!”

“Stop targeting Hazaras!”

“Stop killing Hazaras!”

“We want peace!”

“We want justice!”

The written banners and placards the protesters carried contained these slogans and sentences in three languages:

“Behsood is burning in fire! Save Behsood, Save Humanity!”

“US, NATO and ISAF in Afghanistan break your silence!”

“Kochis attack, Taliban support, Karzai watches.”

“The Kochi nomads should be disarmed the same as all other illegal gun holder citizens.”

“The Kochies should be given located, based on article 14th of the constitution.

“Nomadism is the enemy of civilization!”

“Karzai should not support the terrorists anymore!”

“The dialogue with the Taliban means ignoring their crimes against humanity!”

The protest in Italy is taking place, while on Friday June 4th the Hazara Afghans in the east of the United States, got together in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York to protest against injustice in Afghanistan and the massacre of the Hazaras by Karzai’s friends; The Kochi Taliban Nomad.

The Hazaras around the world would keep continuing their protests as seen, until a fundamental solution is sought for by the Afghan government even if necessary by the interference of the International Community, to end the threats of the Kochi Nomadism against the local inhabitants of Hazara Villages in Afghanistan.

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