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The Hazara Afghans in Italy are to protest against the Kochi Attacks on Behsud, Daimirdad and Nahur districts of Afghanistan

The Hazara Afghans in Italy are getting together for a demonstration to protest against Nomad Taliban’s recent attacks on peaceful Hazara villages of Behsud, Daimirdad and Nahur Districts of Maidan and Ghazni Provinces of Afghanistan.

In these recent fierce attacks, thousands of innocent local people are forced to displace, many are killed including women and children and their houses are burnt under the fires of Nomad Taliban weapons.

Also considered as genocide the purpose of this systematic and well organized series of attacks is to shift the war from southern part of the country to the peaceful Hazara provinces and to block the progression of the Hazara Society that are the most oppressed and discriminated ethnic of Afghanistan through the history of this country.

The Kochis (Nomad Taliban), being armed with heavy weapons, come with vehicles and destroy the agricultural lands of the Hazaras, burn their houses and kill them, if capture them.

For the first time, being massacred by the Tyrant King Abdul Rahman Khan in 1890s, then for the second time by the Taliban in the 1990s, lately known as the most democrat and progressive people in different social and civic arenas, the Hazaras are under the pressures of the fundamentalists and fanatic Taliban who are imposing wars against them.

The Taliban know the fact that the Hazaras, as their opponents, play the role of the strongest wall against fundamentalism and terrorism in contemporary Afghanistan.

They in order to enter the political ground of the country, first have to break through this wall and then achieve their goals.

The racist government of Karzai, however, is giving gavels to the Taliban based on its racist and ethnic policies unfortunately, not only not reacting against the Taliban but welcoming them warmly in the political arenas of the country which is not acceptable for the Hazaras who have been victimized by the Taliban.

During these three weeks of imposed war against peaceful Hazara districts and provinces, the corrupted-racist government of Karzai and its international ally states, the special UN representative, NATO and ISAF officials in Afghanistan are all mysteriously silent without showing any reactions, watching this massacre as an entertaining show.

The Hazaras value the importance of democracy and peace process in their country, although it is fragile and symbolic.

Based on these values, they had put their guns down after the war, to begin the new era alongside with the international community to rebuild their war torn country but what they have been facing so far by the racist government, is the opposite of what they really deserved.

Considering the previous years, the Hazaras played a significant role on legitimacy of the elections in Afghanistan by a remarkable presence and men and women in different cities and provinces.

This year again, as the parliamentary election is approaching in Afghanistan in the coming months, the fanatic fundamentalists do not tolerate remarkable presence of the Hazaras that legitimate the elections, therefore they have attacked the Hazaras' areas supporting Kochi Nomads, using violence.

Since 2002, the Hazaras have been a peace supporting society in Afghanistan, moving rapidly toward education in different levels.

The Hazaras have supported the democratization process of the country so far, by playing a major role in national presidential and parliamentary elections and peace process exercises.

They have always been a supportive society to the government in spite of facing ethnic discrimination, bias and mistreatment.

The Hazaras value the Human rights and freedoms of thoughts, speech and expression.

The Hazaras value the women's rights; the first woman minister in the history of Afghanistan, the first woman governor and the first ever woman mayor in the history of Afghanistan are all the Hazara women.

The Hazara farmers cultivate wheat and other useful grains instead of opium that feed and enrich the terrorism and ignite the fire of war of terrorism in the country.

The Hazaras are against any kind of terrorism and fundamentalism in their country and condemn all kinds of terror and attacks.

The Hazaras want peace, security, equality and social justice based on which every one would live brotherly, equally and peacefully throughout the country.

For all these aforementioned reasons they are always threatened and victimized by the extremists and fanatic fundamentalists.

Through this peaceful demonstration in Milan City, the Hazara Afghans in Italy are to condemn any kind of violence, crimes against humanity, forced displacements and genocide that took place in Behsud, Daimirdad and Nahur districts.

We also would like to urge the Italian government and European officials to take for consideration not to continue supporting a government that conduct genocide and crimes against humanity, on its citizens.

Although neglect of Behsud Genocide by International Media is a matter to be regretful for, but

we will continue our peaceful, legal protests until our voices are heard by the International Community while warning the International Community to break its silence and intervene to solve this problem, securing the safety of the Afghan local citizens as for the mandate of their peace keeping mission in Afghanistan, otherwise the Hazaras in Afghanistan are to take guns to defend themselves, this way, the relatively peace brought to the country would again break and the consequence of such war will be unpredictable.

Time and date of gathering: Sunday, June 6th 2010 from h.15:00 - 18:00

Place of gathering: Piazza Duca D’Aosta, Stazione Centrale- Milano – Italia

Duca D’Aosta Square, Central Station Milan- Italy

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Hundreds of houses are destroyed like these ones

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Kochi Taliban are always seen with heavy weapons

A Kochi Taliban with an R.P.G Rocket to fire on Hazaras

Many local villagers are killed like him

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